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How to solve white solutions in Trainz simulator

©Steps to install Trainz Simulator

Step-1 First go to Android/Data(com.n3vgames.android.trainz) delete this folder

Step-2 Download 2 files

  1. Main file(Apk+data)
  2. 354mb file

Step-3 354mb file extract into Android/data via Zarchiever.

Step-4 After extracting See 'Original' name folder inside data folder(com.n3vgames.android.trainz)

Step-5 1 to 24 hash folder available or not in(Original) folder.

Step-6 If available all hash folder inside 'Original' folder then delete asset.tdx file.

Step-7 Install & open Apk.

Step-8 If showing texture missing screen then closed apk from recent.

Step-9 Extract 2nd data file(Main) on Android/data via Zarchiever.

Step-10 Show 2 option button Replace & Skip

Step-11 Clicked on 'Replace' button again & again once extracting completed 100%.(Don't do skip)

Step-12 Then go to again Android/data( comv3games.android.trainz) folder & checked 'asset.tdx' file delete or not(Delete).

Step-13 Then Re-open apk & see texture missing problem is solved.

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