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Free Fire - why game not opening on 19 September? | Full information

Free Fire - why game not opening on 19 September?

Good guys, GARENA India just released a note on your twitter confirming that in today's update we will have news.
It will not only be simple maintenance, but it will also be a giant update, which will last about 9 hours, where new items will be added to the game.
In the new updates, they are going to add new mod i.e. team-up.

Well, we hope that in this update that took everyone by surprise, are fixed several issues that are bothering us every day, here are some:
  • CAR HACKER: We're tired of this hack, nobody can take it anymore, this hack makes the cargo through walls or objects, running over it in front of you.
  • HS HACK: A shot that the hack makes goes straight into the opponent's head with no chance of defense! We know it's hard to make a 100% secure game, but fixing both of these hacks makes the game much better.
  • LOGIN BUG (INFINITE LOOP): When you try to access the game, the login screen keeps loading infinitely, you need to download VPN to be able to log in.
  • HIGH PING: Another problem is the high ping, we require server improvements that can provide us with a better ping.
  • BUG TO GET STUCK IN WINDOWS OR ROOFS: It is unacceptable that after such a long time, there is still this annoying bug that gets in the way of a lot of people!
  • LITE VERSION: We know that updates are great for the game, but with each update, the game gets bigger and incompatible on many devices, we ask you to create a lite version of FREE FIRE. Unfortunately many resort to modified applications and end up losing their accounts (ban).

When the game will open?

guys game as per garena game will open in India after 6:00pm
so before this player is not allowed to open game.

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