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Top 5 the game’s like MSTS || 2019 || Indian Train Simulator

1.  Train Zimulator

About game
-          Train zimulator is one of the best train game with high pc graphic in mobile. Also but unfortunately this game was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App store because of some money reason. But don’t worry you can download this game also from our site i.e. gamecarnivals.blogspot.com but before here are some feature of game i.e. Train Zimulator

1.       Full 3d environment
2.       High HD graphics
3.       User-friendly interface
4.       In the current version  more than 3 station
5.       More than 4 locomotives
6.       More than 4 coaches
7.       More than 3 trains include Rajdhani   express
And many more

2.  Indian Trainz Simulator  

About game
-         Indian Trainz simulator is of the best individually created game by one person who’s name is Vidit Vaswani.  Trainz always us to create our own train gaming world mean we can create our own route in Trainz .  visit Vaswani added some great feature in Trainz that are as follows

1.       More than 9 loco includes wap 7 etc.
2.       More than 10 coaches include Garib rath express, Rajdhani express, etc
3.       More than 15 routes with real track sounds, real loco horns, the real environment also with real station announcements
4.       Real advertisement boards while in a journey like of zomato , swiggy, etc

And many more

.  Indian Train Simulator 2018

About game
-          Indian train simulator 2018 is one of the best train game of 2018 as per 5 million people. it as many great and amazing features that are as follows

1.       Realities environments
2.       More than 10 locomotives
3.       More than 15 coaches
4.       More than 10 routes
5.       More than 12 mission in a carrier
6.       Quickplay when you are in a hurry of driving trains   

And many more

.  Indian Train Simulator

About game
-         Indian train simulator is one of the best train game of India and 4th best train game of world as per game world. Well, this is true because this seriously has so much of a feature that another game didn’t have. feature of Indian Train Simulator are as follows
  1. New LHB Coach
  2. Real Announcement Added In Mumbai To Ahmedabad Route
  3. Real Announcement Added In Mumbai To Ratlam Route
  4. New Track Sound
  5. New Real Horn

5.  Train Simulator


About game 
-         In last here we have train simulator this also the best train game if you want to enjoy foreign and Indian railway both so you can try this game because  in this game you are freely allowed to play any train even it can be foreign or Indian. features of this game are follows

1. more than 50+ loco
2. More than 60+ coaches
3. The best the real type of environment
 And many more

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