Trainz simulator 12

Trainz Simulator 12 at a Glance:

Something for Everyone
Trainz is designed to be flexible and open-ended allowing train buffs total freedom and full functionality.

Choose How to Interact
Drive locos, operate a railroad or sit back and watch the trains go by. Or perhaps just keep adding more details to the route you have always dreamt of.

Experience Realistic Physics
Choose the in-cab control system for a totally realistic train driving experience. The physics system accurately models vehicle momentum, individual component systems and physical effects such as air and curve resistance.

Trainz Simulator 12 - Screenshot

Simple Driving controls
If you don't know your independent brakes from your reverser, or prefer a simpler approach, choose "DCC" mode and drive your trains more like a model railroad.

Steam, Diesel or Electric
Whatever your favorite era, railroad or motive power, Trainz has a locomotive just for you - and there are dozens from every region of the world included.

Control Multiple Trains
Trainz is not all about driving. If you prefer to operate the whole railroad, allocate Drivers to each loco and set them to work using Driver Commands.

Goal Oriented Sessions
Immerse yourself in the challenge of complete scheduled tasks in a variety of different rail environments.

New Multiplayer Action
Take charge of your own locomotive and carry out your work orders in a fully interactive experience with people from all around the world.

Trainz Simulator 12 - Screenshot

Line-side Cameras, Tracking Cameras, In-cab Cameras
Whatever your point of view, inside or out, Trainz lets you admire your favourite trains and routes from any angle.

Take Stunning Screenshots
Part of the beauty of trains is to snap a picture and capture the scene forever. Trainz makes this as easy as the press of a button.

Surround Yourself with Sound
Crank up your speakers, add a sub-woofer and FEEL the throb of a 3000HP diesel. Or check out the Doppler effect of the horn as the train passes by.
Easy to Use World Builder
The Surveyor module gives you the power to create... and create. You are limited only by your imagination.

Build Your Dream Rail World
A mountainous 1860's logging route, the section of mainline you rode as a boy, or the freight line that runs past your house today... What is your dream rail line?

Plant Trees & Move Mountains
Mould the terrain, paint the detailed ground textures and populate the environment with thousands of items.

Quickly & Simply Lay Track
A couple of mouse clicks is all it takes. Create a complex railyard in minutes then add signals, speed signs, track buffers and even overhead catenary.

Add Weather and Sky
Truly bring your creation to life. Watch as the clouds roll by, admire dramatic sunsets, or take shelter from a storm.

All your Favourite Rolling Stock
Ore cars, mixed freight, flatcars, boxcars, reefers, transporters, tankers, passenger wagons, cabooses...Trainz has them all.

Simple to Create Consists
Drag and drop your cars, wagons or coaches onto the rails then save ready to use next time. It's that simple.

Interact with industry
Pick up and set down passengers, load and unload a variety of freight goods at a busy container yard, or drop off a fresh set of logs at the lumber mill.

Trainz Simulator 12 - Screenshot

Quick Drive
Select a route, drop a loco or two on the tracks, set out some freight cars and you're ready to roll. It couldn't be easier.

iTrainz In-game Chat
Talk to your friends (or make new friends) in-game with a simple built-in text based chat system.

Download Additional Content
With over 100,000 items FREE on the Download Station, you are sure to find exactly the item you are looking for.

All the Fun, Without the Cost
Don't have the time, money or space to set up a scale model line in your home? Trainz lets you immerse yourself in the world of trains at a fraction of the cost.

Share Your Passion
With almost 500,000 registered users, Trainz is the world's largest online rail simulator community. Meet new friends on the forums and discover all there is to know about Trainz.

Feel Like you are Trackside
With highly detailed locos, tracks, textures and more, and a powerful 3D graphics engine, you will really feel like you are inside the world of Trainz.

New Satellite View
Zoom your camera all the way out to view your entire route from orbit.

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